Superb First Day Cover Albums

This unique award winning 3-ring padded binder design features a rich beige suedene fabric finish. Includes matching brown blind embossed identification plugs that gives collector's a choice of "Canada", "United States", "Great Britain" or "World Globe" identification seals plus a choice of one of the following; roman numeral volume numbers I to VI, Block or First Day Cover, which makes for a "Superb" housing for a complete collection.

The "Superb B" First Day cover album comes with a blind embossed padded binder plus slipcase and 20 high quality black stock sheets

S1 pocket (double sided) stock sheets to hold 40 extra large FDC's.
S2 pocket (double sided) stock sheets to hold 80 large FDC's.
S3 pocket (double sided) stock sheets to hold 120 small FDC's.

CODE Description CDN Funds
SB1 "Superb B" FDC with S1 $85.95
SB2 "Superb B" FDC with S2 $85.95
SB3 "Superb B" FDC with S3 $85.95
---- Additional stock sheets each $1.30

The "Superb C" First day cover album comes with clear one sided sheets that will still accommodate FDC's both sides back to back. Comes with 30 crystal clear cover safe vinyl pages.

C2 pocket (single sided) stock sheets to hold 60 large FDC's back to back.
C3 pocket (single sided) stock sheets to hold 180 small FDC's back to back.
CODE Description CDN Funds
SC2 "Superb C" FDC with C2 $89.65
SC3 "Superb C" FDC with C3 $89.65
---- Additional vinyl pages each $1.30

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