Uni-Safe Compact Album

The 3 ring binder is made with an attractive grained vinyl. Each 3 pocket page is 6-1/2" wide and 11-1/2" high and is made of clear rigid material which is safe for your stamps. The album can be used for postcards or standard size approval cards. Each album comes complete with 10 pages, but will hold 30 pages. Available in red, blue, green, black, brown, grey or burgundy.

CODE Description CDN Funds
U700 Complete album $19.95
U701 Extra pages per 5 $3.95

Uni-Safe Jumbo Deluxe Album

Can be used for postcards, postal stationery, mini-sheets. Comes with 20 transparent pages (1 or 2 pockets). The well-padded 3 ring binder comes complete with matching vinyl slipcase in grey, maroon, red, green, burgundy, black, blue and brown. Available with either 1 or 2 pocket pages.

CODE Description CDN Funds
U225-1 Postcard Album with 20 1 pkt leaves $33.95
U225-2 Postcard Album with 20 2 pkt leaves $33.95
U226 Extra 2-pocket leaves Pkg of 5 $2.95
U82 Extra 2-pocket leaves, each $0.59
U227 Extra 1-pocket leaves Pkg of 5 $2.95
U81 Extra 1-pocket leaves, each $0.59
U228 Extra Binder and Slipcase $22.95

Uni-Safe Jumbo Postcard Album

A top qality, large capacity postcard album, holding up to 30 pages (12 x 11-1/2") for 360 postcards. The luxurious, simulated leather 3-ring binder comes in black, brown, blue, tan, grey, red and maroon. Crystal clear vinyl pockets hold postcards 3-7/8" x 5" back to back.

CODE Description CDN Funds
U221 Jumbo Postcard Album (10 leaves) $31.95
U222 Single Page (6 vertical pockets) $1.25
U223 Single Page (6 horizontal pockets) $1.25
U224 Padded Binder only $18.50

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