For well over 50 years - a best kept secret!

The company was founded in 1953 as a part-time stamp approval business operating under the name Stanley's Postage Stamps. In 1964, the company became Canadian Wholesale Supply (CWS) on a full time basis and sold coins, stamps and collectors supplies to retail stores. In 1970, CWS began manufacturing stamp and coin supplies that were in demand by dealers and retailers but were not available from any source.

By 1976, the company had outgrown it's facility and expanded by purchasing the three manufacturing companies that had been doing the extra manufacturing the CWS couldn't do in their own plant. All the operations were moved into a 35,000 square foot facility in Paris, Ontario, Canada where the overhead was low.

The building was filled with equipment that could produce printing, vinyl products, screen printing, gold embossing, die cutting, plastics, and almost anything else imaginable. Since then, millions of dollars worth of equipment has been added.

Too much success ...

But the company became too successful in producing top quality goods at economical prices. Dealers and retailers shunned these CWS (Canadian Wholesale Supply) products. They made more money selling the more expensive products, some of which were priced more than double or triple that of CWS. After all, even if they got a better discount on CWS products, they still made more per item selling the other lines. Up until this time CWS had never advertised to sell directly to collectors. CWS did not want to compete against their own dealers but an impasse had been reached.

By 1994, CWS had decided to sell direct to collectors under the Collector's Supply House banner. Since that time the company has grown steadily in the marketplace. Not only are the collectors coming direct to CWS, but the dealers and retailers are now coming on board. Collector's Supply House has been advertising in over 20 trade papers and magazines. Discounters have dropped there discounted prices to the CWS regular retail prices but they cannot match the service, quality and constant source of supply. We now have the largest line of stamp and coin supplies in the world - and it's growing every week.

So ...
If you are a coin or stamp collector ...
who is tired of making exclusive distributors of foreign products rich - or
If you are a dealer or distributor ... who cannot compete with the discount merchants,

Our telephone service is free in North America

Overseas call 519-442-4441

Now that you know the secret - Give us a call!

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