Protect-A-Coin Album

The Protect-A-Coin Album has been specially designed to fit into most safety deposit boxes. Its maroon vinyl binder measures 5-1/2" x 11-3/4" and is printed with gold lettering.

The Protect-A-Coin pages are designed with slotted pockets, eliminating the need for other types of coin holders. Four styles are available to accommodate a variety of coin sizes. The Protect-A-Coin Coin Album comes with six pages - two each of PCP234/PCP233 and one each of PCP232/PCP231.

Types & Descriptions

PCP231 12 pocket page, fits $1
PCP232 12 pocket page, fits 50
PCP233 24 pocket page, fits 5 and 25
PCP234 44 pocket page, fits 1 and 10

Code Description CDN Funds
PCA Protect-A-Coin Album, with 6 pages $16.50
PCB Protect-A-Coin Binder $9.95
PCP231 12 pocket, (42mm size)
Package of 3
PCP232 12 pocket, (34mm size)
Package of 3
PCP233 24 pocket, (29mm size)
Package of 3
PCP234 44 pocket, (21mm size)
Package of 3

VisiCard Refill Pages:
Also available in a 5 pocket page designed to hold business cards.
Each - $1.25 CDN funds

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