Visual Coin Album

The CWS Visual Coin Album is similar to our SafetyGard style of coin pages. These too have pockets which slide up and down to add or remove coins from the pockets. However, the Visual Coin style is a smaller page size (7-3/4" x 9"). There are three styles of pages with 20, 34 and 48 pockets. All page styles are top opening.

Types & Descriptions

VCP1 20 pocket page
VCP2 34 pocket page
VCP3 48 pocket page

Code Description CDN Funds
VCA Visual Coin Album
w/ 6 pages (2 each size)
VCB Visual Coin Binder only $12.95
VCP1 20 pocket (42mm size)
Package of 3 pages
VCP2 34 pocket (23, 25, 42mm size)
Package of 3 pages
VCP3 48 pocket (25mm size)
Package of 3 pages

*The Visual Coin Binder is a small size (9-1/2" x 10") gold-lettered maroon vinyl and has large 2" capacity 3-ring hardware.

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