Canada's Millennium Coin Cards

Many coin collectors will want to collect Canada's two sets of Millennium quarters. The first Canadian quarter was released into circulation in January 1999 and a differently designed quarter will be released each month until 2001. We have designed two different cards to house these coins. The holders are available from dealers coast to coast or they may be ordered direct. Each 8" x 10" card is printed in full colour. Comes with a vinyl storage envelope. Available with or without the complete set of coins.

Black Map Design 12-Holes
Code Type CDN Funds
M1 1999 with no text $5.45
M2 1999 with English months $5.45
M3 1999 with French months $5.45
M4 2000 with English themes $5.45
M5 2000 with French themes $5.45
White Flag / Map Design
Code Type CDN Funds
M6 1999 with English months SOLD OUT
M7 1999 with French months $5.45
M8 2000 with English themes $5.45
M9 2000 with French themes $5.45
Black Map Design 13-Holes ($2 Coin)
Code Type CDN Funds
M10 1999 with English months $5.45
M11 1999 with French months $5.45
M12 2000 with English themes $5.45
M13 2000 with French themes $5.45
Canada 2000 Design Card
Code Type CDN Funds
M14 Canada 2000 12-Hole English $5.45
M15 Canada 2000 13-Hole English $5.45
M16 Canada 2000 12-Hole French $5.45
M17 Canada 2000 13-Hole French $5.45

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