CWS Plastic Year Set Coin Holders

The CWS Plastic Year Set Holders are made from the finest chemically inert styrene and will store coins safely. CWS holders are much thicker, heavier and more sturdy than others currently being offered on the market. The two identical halves are tongue and grooved to snap together and provide a secure closure. Plastic Year set holders measure 2" x 7-1/2" (except PYSC4 which is 8-1/2" long)

Canada Plastic Year Set Holders
PYSC1 Fits sets up to and including 1967 $1.95 CDN
PYSC2 Fits sets from 1968 to 1986 $1.95 CDN
PYSC3 Fits sets from 1987 and on $1.95 CDN
PYSC4 Fits sets from 1996 on (including $1 and $2) $2.50 CDN

U.S.A. Plastic Year Set Holders
PYSU1 Fits Silver Liberty Dollar (1935, 1971-1978) $1.50 CDN
PYSU2 Fits Susan B. Anthony (1979-1981) $1.50 CDN
PYSU3 No Dollar (1936 to 1970, 1982 and on) $1.50 CDN

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