Visual Aid Coin Cases

The CWS Visual Aid Coin Cases are a quality 4" x 6" coin case manufactured from a hard chemically inert clear styrene plastic. The case is designed to hold a wide variety of coin configurations. The two exact halves are tongue and grooved to snap together forming a tight seal. A sponge inner liner aids in keeping the coins in place. These cases are available in a plain style or can be purchased with a gold embossed heading on an identifying card inside the case. Custom I.D. Cards are available in quantity

CODE Gold Title CODE Gold Title
VA1 Large Cents VA21 Gold Sovereigns
VA2 Small Cents VA22 Crowns
VA3 Silver Five Cents VA23 Foreign Coins
VA4 Nickels VA24 Mint Set
VA5 Dimes VA25 Proof Set
VA6 Quarters VA26 Minor Coin Varieties
VA7 Half Dollars VA27 Major Coin Varieties
VA8 Silver Dollars VA28 Brilliant Uncirculated
VA9 Nickel Dollars VA29 5 Varieties 1965 $1
VA10 Tokens VA30 1967 $20 Gold
VA11 Proof-Like Set VA31 1935 Silver Dollar
VA12 Year Set VA32 1939 Silver Dollar
VA13 Olympic Coins VA33 1949 Silver Dollar
VA14 Silver Bars VA34 1958 Silver Dollar
VA15 Military Medals VA35 1964 Silver Dollar
VA16 Fractional Currency VA36 1967 Silver 1/2 Dollar
VA17 Medallions VA37 1967 Silver Dollar
VA18 Gold Coins VA38 Olympic Rings 1974-1976
VA19 Coins of Canada VA39 As VA38 but Coins
VA20 Coins of Gt. Britain VACC BLANK CASE ONLY

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