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Distinguished Conduct and Military Medal - 1st Edition
Author: Martin Ashton   Editor: Donald Lorimer
ISBN 0-88968-049-3, 144 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

This book is the first primary source of confirmation of Distinguished Conduct and Military Medals awarded to Canadians during World War II and the Korean War. Types of awards, an index of letter prefixes to serial numbers, distribution of awards by year of announcement and photos of the medals themselves are only part of this fantastic reference.

$19.95 CDN
Distinguished Flying Medal (1939-45) - 1st Edition
Author: Martin Ashton   Editor: Donald Lorimer
ISBN 0-88968-050-7, 112 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

A primary reference for confirmation of Distinguished Flying Medals awarded to Canadians during World War II. Included in this book are Warrants, Types of awards, distribution of awards by year of announcement, London Gazette documentation and photographs of the medals themselves, along with many other interesting features.

$19.95 CDN
Hagen-Renaker - 3rd Edition
Author: Gayle Roller   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 0-88968-229-1, 625 pages, 7" x 9"

An absolute necessity for the Hagen-Renaker Collector. Illustrates, lists and prices models from the Hagen-Renaker Studios from 1945 to date. The complete listing of the Hagen-Renaker horses are illustrated and priced. Designers, colourways, size, series, issued and discontinued dates are included.

Red River Campaign of 1870 - 1st Edition
Author: G. Neale & R. Irwin   Editor: Donald Lorimer
ISBN 0-88968-031-0, 91 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Focusing on the official medals awarded to surviving veterans of the Red River Expedition, this book features a general commentary on medal Collecting. A summary of the Red River Campaign, a detailed description of the medals, and a listing of all medals awarded. Useful to medal collectors, military historians, genealogists and those interested in Canadian history.

$19.95 CDN
Royal Doulton Animals - 4th Edition
Author: Jean Dale   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 0-88968-295-X, 512 pages, 7" x 9"

The new catalogue contains 440 pages which include an introduction, listings for all animals, an index, plus a dealer’s advertising section. Throughout the main section of the catalogue are 32 colour plates, in four eight-page sections illustrating the versatile range of Doulton’s animal figures. The catalogue lists and prices the early stoneware figures of Mark Marshall, Leslie Harradine, and of course, the most famous modeler of animal figures, George Tinworth, whose models show no signs of slowing in the upward pricing of his ever-so-popular figures. The more popular animals - horses, dogs, and cats, and in that order, all show price increases. The popularity is further underlined by Royal Doulton’s release of a new RDA Series of these collectable animals.

Royal Doulton Beswick Storybook Figurines - 6th Edition
Author: Jean Dale   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 0-88968-248-8, 304 pages, 7" x 9"

Up-to-date market prices for all figurines. Pieces from the Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter, Paddington Bear, Brambly Hedge, Disney and Hanna-Barbara series. An indispensable guide with 16 colour pages.

$24.95 CDN
Royal Doulton Bunnykins - 3rd Edition
Author: J Dale & L Irvine   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 0-88968-282-8, 392 pages, 7" x 9"

The catalogue on Royal Doulton Bunnykins is divided into two section. The first covers over 70 years of childrens' tableware designs by artists Barbara Vernon, Walter Hayward, Colin Twinn and Frank Endersby. The second covers the early Noke figures of the 1930s to the latest issues of 2003. Four 8-page colour sections and an alphabetical index complete this informative catalogue.

$34.95 CDN
Royal Doulton Figurines - 11th Edition
Author: Jean Dale   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 978-0-88968-308-5, 552 pages, 7" x 9"

This catalogue lists and illustrates the complete family of Royal Doulton figurines, from the turn of the 19th century through to the beginning of the 21st century. Almost 5,000 figures are listed with all the necessary information: designer, height, colour, dates of issue and discontinuation, varieties, and the series to which they may belong. This edition has five major chapters. They cover the early figures of Harradine, Marshall, Noke and Tinsworth, plus the figures of the HN Series, the M Series, the Classique, and Art is Life Series.

Royal Doulton Jugs - 10th Edition
Author: Jean Dale   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 978-0-88968-316-7, 504 pages, 7" x 9"

New to the 10th edition are three new series: First World War Military Leaders, six in the series, limited to 100 jugs each; Myths, Legends and Fantasies, four in the series, limited to 250 jugs each; and U.S. World Wars, four in the series, limited to 350 jugs each. The character jug General MacArthur has been added to the Great General Series, and the Character Jug of the Year for 2007 and 2008 were Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles respectively, limited to their year of issue. The complimentary International Collectors Club jug for 2007 was the North Staffordshire Fife Player and for 2008 the Nurse. New images, information and colour variations have been added to Harry Simeon’s Best Is Not Too Good variety of stoneware jugs and derivatives.

Royal Doulton Collectables - 4th Edition
Author: Jean Dale, Louise Irvines   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 978-0-88968-296-8, 544 pages, 7" x 9"

Royal Worcester reference work for animal figurines. 256 pages of listings with colour pages illustrating various horse and bird models. Each listing carries the modeller, height, colour, dates issued and market prices. Royal Worcester and their backstamps with a further reading list and index are included.

$39.95 CDN
Royal Worcester Figurines - 3rd Edition
Author: Cast & Edwards   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 978-0-88968-271-2, 362 pages, 7" x 9"

The third edition has been completely revised with all prices updated to reflect the current market for the coming year. During 1999 and 2000 the Charlton Press published two Royal Worcester price guides, Figurines and Animals, to serve the Worcester collector, believing they represented two different collecting venues. However, two catalogues proved unnecessary, this move simply increased the cost, inconvienced the collector, and the solution was obvious, publish one catalogue for all Royal Worcester figures. All Royal Worcester Figures from 1900 to date, have been amalgamated into one volume. The third edition is 320 pages of Royal Worcester Figures listed in RW numerical order, the complete figurine and animal range. Also included with this revised edition are 32 pages of colour illustrations showing figures from the past 100 years. An alphabetical index is included for collector cross referencing between RW number and figurine name.

$39.95 CDN
Storybook Figurines - 7th Edition
Author: Jean Dale   Editor: W.K. Cross
ISBN 0-88968-260-7, 376 pages, 7" x 9"

This edition includes Royal Doulton’s Harry Potter series which now consists of 26 figures. Disney has added a new popular series, The Little Mermaid, as well as new additions to Disney’s classic favourites, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan. The John Beswick Studio has created three new series: The Herbs, Teddy Bears and Trumptonshire and has added twelve fresh figures to the Norman Thelwell series. All new additions list the title, model number, designer, colour, issued and discontinued dates, and varieties. Each listing is illustrated, and when possible, an image of the backstamp is included.

$34.95 CDN
Wade Decorative Ware - Volume 2 - 3rd Edition
Author: Pat Murray   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 0-88968-224-0, 448 pages, 7" x 9"

The newly published 3rd edition contains over 50% more than the previous one published in 1996. The new edition has 432 pages, plus 16 colour plates, for a total of 448 pages. A new layout separates the products of Wade Heath from those of Wade Ireland within each chapter, allowing collectors to more easily identify the pieces in their collection, and those needed to complete it.

$29.95 CDN
Wade General Issues - Volume 1 - 3rd Edition
Author: Pat Murray   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 0-88968-225-9, 344 pages, 7" x 9"

General issues of Wade from the human to the animal to the bird figures of the thirties and forties. A newly revised section on advertising and commissioned ware. Full listings, with accurate pricing. Informative introduction / history of Wade Potteries.

$29.95 CDN
Wade Liquor Containers - Volume 4 - 3rd Edition
Author: Pat Murray   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 0-88968-237-2, 344 pages, 7" x 9"

A price guide devoted to liquor containers and ancillary products. Specialty items included are ashtrays, decanters, drink pourers, loving cups and water jugs. A new section of Jim Beam convention items. Over 340 pages with more than 750 illustrations.

$29.95 CDN
Wade Collectibles - 4th Edition
Author: Pat Murray   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 978-0-88968-274-0, 464 pages, 7" x 9"

Wade Collectables, 4th edition, is a gathering into one reference work the most popular collectables from The Charlton Standard Catalogues of Wade, Volumes 1 through 4. These four books will remain one of the best and most comprehensive reference works available on Wade products. Wade Collectables, brings together what is considered the most collectable models from over 100 years of production by the Wade Potteries. There are 464 pages of listings, information and illustrations of such Wade collectables as: Animals, Birds, Character Jugs, Children’s Sets, Commemorative and Decorative Ware, Figures, Flowers, Teapots, Tetley Tea Folk, and Wall Decorations. We created three new chapters for each of the following: Disney, Money Boxes and Wade Ireland. This arrangement necessitated moving items from Wade Whimsies, to their new categories in Wade Collectables, , where for the collectors of these lines they are now catalogued under one heading. This method of grouping will lead to a more user friendly collecting atmosphere. There is no longer the need for multiple Wade books when trying to access information. This is especially useful when you consider the numerous Disney, Money Box, and Wade Ireland items that were spread among four volumes.
$39.95 CDN
Wade Whimsical Collectables - 8th Edition
Author: Pat Murray   Editor: Jean Dale
ISBN 978-0-88968-324-2, 384 pages, 7" x 9"

This new edition contains 384 pages filled with information on Wade Whimsical Collectables, current to 2007. Added to this are 24 pages of colour divided into three eight-page sections illustrating colour, design and mould variations to assist the collector in identifying their many varieties. This edition, the first since January 2004, has been completely reorganized, revised and priced. With the definition of a Whimsey as something quaint, comical, unusual or fanciful, the Wade models which did not fit the ‘whimsical’ category have been removed from the previous Wade Whimsical catalogue and incorporated into Wade Collectables. The book now lives up to its “whimsical” name. Unfortunately, collectors now require two books if they wish to keep abreast of the Wade market. These two books now contain the most popular and active of what is collectable within Wade models.

$39.95 CDN

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