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Standard Catalogues of...

2004 North American Coins & Prices
2004 U.S. Coin Digest
2004 World Coins, 31st Edition
A Guide & Checklist - World Notgeld 1914-1947
A Guide to the History and Collecting of Coins
Blue Book, Handbook of U.S. Coins 2003
Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man
Collecting World Coins
Confederate States Paper Money
English & U.K. Coins 1066-Date
German Coins 1601-Present, incl. colonial issues
Guide to Small Size U.S. Paper Money, 1928-date
Large Size Silver Coins of the World
Official Canadian Coin Guide 2003
Red Book, A Guide Book of U.S. Coins, 2004
Seaby's British Coins 2003
The Early Paper Money of America
United States Paper Money
United States Paper Money Errors
Warman's Coins & Paper Money
World Coins, 17th Century, 1601-1700
World Coins, 18th Century, 1701-1800
World Coins, 19th Century, 1801-1900
World Coins - Spain, Portugal & the New World
World Gold Coins
World Paper Money Vol. I
World Paper Money Vol. II
World Paper Money Vol. III


Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. I
Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. II
Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. III
Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. IV
Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. V
Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. VI
Byzantine Coins and their Values
Classical Deception
Coinage in the Greek and Roman World
Coins of Medieval Europe
Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Greek Coins and their Values Vol. I
Greek Coins and their Values Vol. II
Greek Coin Types and their Identification
Greek Imperial Coins and their Values
Greek Imperial Coins and Values
Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Identifying Roman Coins
Medicine on Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Roman Coins and their Values Vol. I
Roman Coins and their Values Vol. II
Roman Imperial Coinage Vol. I
Roman Silver Coins III
Roman Silver Coins IV
Roman Silver Coins V

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