Other Canadian Hingeless Albums

Davo Canada Album:

Each stamp has its own polystyrol pocket for maximum protection. These albums are regularly available from Davo in 4 separate volumes. The special two volume set contains the same pages but in only two binders and slipcases. Supplemented annually.
CDN Funds
Vol. 1  1851 - 1985 $359.95
Vol. 2  1986 - 2004 $447.50
Complete 2-Volume Set $799.95

Lindner Canada Album:

Pages are made of wood-free high quality paper. Each page has a clear acid free overlay sheet with pockets to hold stamps. The complete stamp including top perforation is fully protected. The back of each stamp can be inspected by simply turning the page. Housed in two 18-ring padded binders with slipcases.
T500ES 1851 - 2004 $990.95
T500/53ES 1953 - 2004 $890.95

Schaubek Canada "Brilliant" Album:

Housed in two green "springback" binders, the pages are made from heavy wood-free velum. Featuring the "Schaufix" mount with two opposite seams for maximum security - complete protection from damage or adhesion and positively NO dropping out. Every stamp inserted can be examined from the back without removal from the "Schaufix" mount. Supplemented annually.
SCH800P 1851 - 2003 Hingeless in 2 binders $1223.95
SCH800 Canada binder only springback $80.95
SCH800SC Matching Slipcase $31.95
SCH800SP Special complete in two green springback binders with matching slipcase $1050.00

KA-BE Canada Album:

Top quality German craftsmanship, printed one side on special, heavy wood-free, album paper. Every page is double-lined hinged. The cloth hinging reinforces the page where the strain is the greatest, ensuring that each page opened lies completely flat. Housed in a set of two heavily-padded, two-post binders, complete from 1851 to 1992. Every stamp has its own polystyrol pocket for maximum protection. Supplemented annually.
K206A Canada Hingeless 2-Volume Album $899.50
K307 Canada Perfect Binder $86.95
K308E Matching Slipcase $43.50

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