Stanley Gibbons Catalogues

World Stamp Catalogue:
CODE Description CDN Funds
G2831 Austria and Hungary 5th Edition $55.00
G2832 Balkans 4th Edition $74.50
G2833 Benelux 4th Edition $48.00
G2834 Czech and Poland 5th Edition $86.95
G2825 France 4th Edition $64.50
G2836 Germany 5th Edition $58.00
G2837 Italy and Switzerland 5th Edition $65.00
G2838 Portugal and Spain 4th Edition $69.50
G2839 Russia 4th Edition $95.00
G2840 Scandinavia 4th Edition $48.00
G2841 Africa Since Independence: A-E Out of Print
G2842 Africa Since Independence: F-M Out of Print
G2843 Africa Since Independence: N-Z $35.00
G2844 Central America Out of Print
G2845 Central Asia Out of Print
G2846 China 5th Edition $74.95
G2847 Japan and Korea 4th Edition $72.50
G2848 Middle East 5th Edition - Out of Print $80.50
G2849 South America Out of Print
G2850 South East Asia 3rd Edition $65.00
G2851 United States 4th Edition $45.00
*The above are published only every 3-4 years

2001 Stamps of the World:
CODE Description CDN Funds
SG2881 Volume 1, A-D $106.00
SG2882 Volume 2, E-J $106.00
SG2883 Volume 3, K-R $106.00
SG2884 Volume 4, S-Z $106.00

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