CWS Mint Sheet Files

Folded glassine pages provide pockets for storing sheets of stamps.
CDN Funds
Modern Large (24 pkts) 11" x 13.25"
   Leatherette cover $29.95
   Paper cover $19.95
Double (42 pkts) 9" x 11.5"
   Leatherette cover $24.95
   Paper cover $17.95
Standard (24 pkts) 9" x 11.5"
   Paper cover $12.95
Souvenir/Miniature (24 pkts) 7.5" x 10"
   Paper cover $11.95
Superb Mint Sheet Album

Features a gold embossed large-sized maroon binder (13"w x 18"h x 2"d). Has special 4-ring metal hardware with thumb triggers for easy opening. The binder has a clear pouch on the spine to hold an ID card. This album comes with 25 double-sided black pages that will hold sheets up to 11 x 17 inches.
CDN Funds
Superb Mint Sheet Album with 25 Pages $65.95
Additional 4-ring black double-sided sheets $1.65
Binder only $28.55
Uni-Safe Mint Sheet Albums

Deluxe Mint Sheet Album:

The album itself is crafted of heavily padded leather-grained vinyl and comes with a matching slipcase. Available in red, green, blue, black, brown, burgundy and grey.

Because pages are 11 x 14" they will hold U.S., U.N., or Canada mint sheets. Contains 20 double-sided pages for 40 sheets.

Pages are made of the finest unplasticized vinyl - your assurance of absolute safety. Each sheet consists of a "jet black" bottom page and a "crystal-clear" top page. The effect is like viewing your stamps under glass.
U250 Album complete with Slipcase $79.95
U249A Refills Pkg. of 5 $6.95

Junior Mint Sheet Album:

Rich leather grained vinyl binder, 13-1/4" x 14-1/2"

Avilable in assorted colours

Same pages as in the Deluxe Mint Sheet Album

4 Chicago screws permit insertion or removal of pages

Holds mint Sheets, 11-1/4" x 13-3/4"

Contains 6 double-sided pages for 12 sheets

Available in red, green, blue, black, brown, grey and burgundy
U249 Mint Sheet Album $21.95
U249A Refills Pkg. of 5 $6.95
White Ace Mint Sheet Albums

Standard Mint Sheet Album:

with 96 glassine pockets
In gift box $113.95
16 pocket refill $15.50
Dust Case $39.95
Guardian Mint Sheet Album:
50 acetate pockets - 100 sheet capacity $145.50
25 acetate pocket refills for above $47.95
Black dust case $39.95
U.N. Mint Sheet Album:
96 glassine pockets $128.50
16 pocket refill folder for above $17.50

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