Stamp Removers


Ingenious stamp accessory allowing quick, easy removal of old hinges and restoration of hopelessly stuck-down mint stamps to former condition without destroying original gum. Made of durable plastic. Requires no chemicals.

$17.95 CDN

Supersafe Stamplift Fluid:

Instantly and gently lifts stamps from backing paper and hinges. Also separates stamps which have stuck together. Perfectly safe for all stamps. No more soaking, steaming or waiting.
CDN Funds
U449 Supersafe 4 fl. oz $8.95

ERNI Stamp Care*:

A mildew stain remover, a stamp gum remover and a "Schon" hinge mark remover are now available in the ERNI stamp care range from Lindner. Each bottle contains 250 mL.

Mildew stain remover: ERNI A & ERNI B must be used together!
8070 ERNI A $18.50
8071 ERNI B $18.50
8072 Stamp Gum remover $35.50
8073 "Schon" Hinge Mark remover $35.50
8076 Tray - 2/pk. Size 3-33/32 x 2-11/16 x 1-5/32" (94 x 68 x 29 mm) $9.50
*A leaflet on the ERNI Stamp care products is available on request - please quote order no. 8074.

PRINZ UHU Stamp Remover:

Removes stamps quickly, retains gum. Apply a few drops to the stamp or to the reverse side of paper. Allow solution time to work in, then remove stamp.
U490 PRINZ Remover $11.50

Lindner Stamp Remover:

Removes stamps without water - retains gum - leaves no trace. Used properly the remover is absolutely safe, effortless and quick.
8060 Stamp Remover, 125 mL $24.95

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